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Strategic and Cause Marketing

Marketing consultancy  Strategic is focused on medium and long-term results. It demands the study, development and implementation of actions that are not limited to current demands and that also seek to meet future market needs and desires. 
The development of work through Cause Marketing, on the other hand, consists in the preparation of studies of the values and positioning of the organization's brands, in order to then be able to design strategies that in practice promote beneficial efforts in favor of the communities where they are inserted, causing social and/or environmental impact .

Strategic Partnerships and Fundraising 

Market research to find potential partners that share value synergies in their brands and that the establishment of an alliance enhances the business of both. Some modalities of partnerships can result in fundraising for a project or cause, when not, a more specific and focused approach to the creation of a fundraising plan for projects or social causes becomes necessary.

Public relations 

These are services that are part of the communication strategy to build mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their audiences.

Events with Experiences 

Social events can emerge from a Marketing strategy, the creation of strategic partnerships, charitable events, press conferences, in short.
At JPP Marca, events and the post-event are designed in a creative, exclusive way, and with attention to the smallest details

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