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Endoform Extracellular Matrix at the Wound Care Symposium SIMFER-USP

SIMFER-USP, which took place on May 19 and 20 in São Paulo and brought together more than 400 professionals from all over the country specialized in advanced wound care, and interested in being updated on the news that can contribute to better results in terms of comfort and cost-effectiveness for your patients.
Prof. Kevin Woo, from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen's University (Canada) and from the graduate program PROESA at the School of Nursing at the University of São Paulo, presented a conference on the Endoform Extracellular Matrix. Its technology - AROA ECM - was recognized as the most innovative device by the JWC Awards 2022, during the WUWHS - World Union of Wound Healing Societies in Abu Dhabi.
To learn more, visit the Biodevice Medical website or  Aroa Biosurgery Limited.

Watch the aftermovie here.

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Espaço Curumim Association at the National Good Deeds Day event (SP)

On May 28, the national event of the Day of Good Actions (DBA 2022), the largest volunteer movement in the world, took place in São Paulo at Pq. Villa-Lobos.
Associação Espaço Curumim  promoted the activity “Back to the Origins, with an original craft workshop with Guarani artisans and children teaching words in Guarani Mbya. On this occasion, vacancies were promoted for volunteers  for the cleaning effort of the Tekoá Pyau village of Pico do Jaraguá as part of the Social Week volunteer activities.

The Good Deeds Day is the largest volunteering movement in the world, present in more than 100 countries and held in Brazil since 2016 by the platform  Atados, in partnership with  Muda Cultural

Watch the activity videos here.


Collab Smiley® + Farm Rio + Smile Train

FARM Rio is a Brazilian soul fashion and lifestyle brand that captures the true essence of the country, inspiring a life well lived - of authenticity, vitality and natural beauty.

With more than 80 stores nationwide, the global brand has a flagship store in Soho, New York, and Miami, Florida, as well as summer pop-ups in Los Angeles and Montauk.

On April 27, 2021, the collaborative collection with Smiley® was launched in the United States, and will be launched in Brazil for the World Smile Day®, October 1, during the month-long celebrations throughout the 2nd International Cleft Week, Americas and Europe.
Smiley® Company has shaped the way we share happiness and express ourselves through iconic products found around the world. Smiley is a truly unlimited and unique brand that for over 50 years has influenced musical generations, social movements, popular culture and the pursuit of happiness.

To further spread the joy, the partnership donated R$152 thousand, creating 177 new smiles for children supported by Smile Train programs in Brazil, transforming their lives forever. The collection is available, check here


SGAWCm 2021

From October 20 to 25, 2021, SOBRATAFE Brazilian Society for Advanced Wound Care held the SOBRATAFE Global Advanced Would Care Meeting 2021, a global event broadcast in three languages with a focus on wound care. continents in 110 hours of event.

As Director of Institutional Relations, Juan de la Plata, was responsible for the dissemination in the media and activities with social organizations supported by Sobratafe, such as Cão Sem Dono, Smile Train and the partnership with SOS Pantanal, since this year on the 25 the conference launched its first journey for veterinarians focused on burn care and animal rights. Before the journey, Juan was in Cuiabá interacting with the panelists and could visit the UFMT HOVET in Cuiabá, where animals rescued by other partner groups of SOS Pantanal are attended to, such as GRAD Brasil, É o Bicho MT, Secretary of the Environment, between others.

Juan was also responsible for ensuring the kind presence of Julia Gama, Vice Miss Universe and Miss Brazil 2020 to recognize the honored doctors this year.

Watch all videos in this playlist .

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Giving Tuesday 2020  

#DiadeDoar (from English #GivingTuesday) is a solidarity campaign to mobilize more generosity that is promoted by the ABCR (Brazilian Association of Fundraisers) in Brazil. In 2020, a special edition was held on May 5th, Giving Tuesday Now, planned to serve people with urgent needs, and in which we also performed for Smile Train in a live with international and Brazilian ambassadors.

As part of the #DiadeDoar campaign, we invited everyone to a delicious Thai cooking class with MasterChef Yuko Tappabutt, presented by Eduardo Bodstein, actor and Smile Train ambassador, for the purpose of getting people to donate via QR code.

João Paulo Vergueiro, Executive Director of ABCR, participated and told how the Dia de Doar and Dia de Doar Kids campaign works in Brazil.

Two mothers assisted by the Smile Train Nutrition programs for their children at CTAC-UERJ, in Rio de Janeiro, shared their testimonies. One of them, Henrique, had his Jornada do Sorriso shared in a Devex article on telehealth in nutrition. This event collaborated with the campaign that started on Children's Day with the goal of raising 54 thousand reais, and that at the end of December we managed to get very close to 53,400 reais. Watch here how it was .


7th Tourism Meeting “Tourism Will Continue”  

On September 9, 2020, the 7th Tourism Meeting “O Turismo Vai Continuar” took place in Mansão Santa Teresa, in Rio de Janeiro.

Created by the president of Concierge do Brasil, Guilherme Guimarães, also presented by Rosane Lucas (UNICON), with JPP Marca in the co-production, the event had 800 subscribers and more than 2 thousand views in the 4.5 hours of transmission.

References from various sectors such as Álvaro Garnero, Roberto Cohen, Claude Troisgros, Milton Cunha, Carolina Stolf, Marcel Bianchi, Marcos Manuel, Vinícius Belo, Camila Farani, among others, answered questions sent in videos and messages from around the world.

The event supported tour guides in Rio de Janeiro with scholarships for training, and gave visibility to the cause of cleft lip and palate, receiving several testimonials from around the world from ambassadors of this cause. Watch how the event went here.


Grand Open 2018 - Grand Mercure Hotels  

Repeating the successful experience of the Grand Open 2017, held only at the Grand Mercure Ibirapuera Hotel, in 2018 we joined forces with the Grand Mercure Vila Olímpia, where the famous coffee ritual started the circuit of exclusive experiences that would take place throughout the day.

About 30 event managers from different companies participated in various activities, such as a tennis tournament, a themed night at a casino in Las Vegas and, of course, having the best food and beverage services that only luxury hotels can offer.

A great opportunity to have memorable experiences and remember them when you need to find a location for a luxury event. Watch the aftermovie here.

Collab Gled Education + Tryptamine


GLED International Education is an international school of education that offers a variety of programs to students through academic, athletic, cultural and professional means. Due to social distance, distance learning platforms have proven to be an efficient and interesting alternative to face-to-face classes.

Triptamina World on its Instagram started as a conceptual brand - taking care of an Ahimsa symbol in its logo, about inspiration, spirituality, arts, and today it has an online store to sell its artwork from art galleries and clothing. Both brands had an idea of partnership and inspired by this opportunity, Triptamina's creative director created a t-shirt with an exclusive art to promote the campaign by the ambassadors of Smile Train #EnsinoqueInspiraSorrisos .

Therefore, for every 10 new users of Gled's online English teaching platform, a GLED Kids bag is donated to a patient referred by a Smile Train partner medical center. Depending on student performance, it may be renewed periodically. In more than a year of campaigning, more than 100 scholarships have been donated.


World Food Forum side event  

There are currently nearly 700 million people in the world who are hungry, a number that is growing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. An increase in threats such as pests, conflicts and climate change are exacerbating this crisis in food systems. The World Food Forum ( @World_Food_Forum ) is a youth-led network aiming to transform our food systems to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular “Zero Hunger”.
The conference will be online from October 1st to 5th and the  JPP Brand  organizes a parallel event that takes place on the 4th from 9 am to 10:30 am (Brasilia) in order to discuss the theme “Food Insecurity and Sustainable Agriculture in Vulnerable Communities”, and the participants are:
David Hertz : chef and social entrepreneur, co-founder of  gastromotive  and of the Movement  Social Gastronomy
Samela Sateremawe : artisan  AMISM , indigenous communicator, environmental activist
- Thales Mendonça: farmer, founder of  ProNobis Agroflorestal , representative of  INOFO World  Americas
Renatinha PeixeBoi : from the Mura ethnic group, artist, cook, educator, graduated in agriculture
- Dr.  Suely Prieto : Nutritionist at  HRAC-USP  Centrinho Bauru, Master in Food Science, PhD in Pediatrics, and Nutrition Consultant at  Smile Train Brazil
To attend the event click here.

National Itamaraty Dialogues for the 2021 Summit on UN Food Systems

On July 8th, the fourth and final videoconference of the Brazilian National Dialogue preparatory to the 2021 Summit on Food Systems UN Food Systems Summit took place, with the theme “Sustainable Food Systems: Brazilian Proposals”, with the curatorship of Itamaraty. The Food Systems Summit will take place on September 23, 2021, during the debates at the UN General Assembly. On that occasion, Secretary General Antônio Guterres should launch a declaration with transformative proposals for global food systems. We need to reinvent Smile Train's nutrition programs during the pandemic. In addition to training our partner centers and supporting the provision of formulas for infants, we include consultations with nutritionists via telemedicine and we distribute food baskets to families in the interior of cities in the Northeast and North, where we serve many families in situations of vulnerability as peoples and traditional communities, including indigenous, riverside dwellers and others. From the 26th to the 28th of July, the pre-Summit meeting took place in Rome, where the two participations of Smile Train Brasil will be added to the results of the debates that will be compiled and sent to the event organizers. Watch the dialogue here.


Miss Universe Catriona Gray visits São Paulo

Miss Universe 2018 and Smile Train Global Ambassador Catriona Gray joined Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst and Miss Teen USA 2019 Kaliegh Garris to celebrate the World Smile Day® with Smile Train patients and partners during a Journey of Smiles in São Paulo, Brazil., managed by Juan.

They had the special opportunity to witness the power of fissure surgery at Mun Hospital. Inf. Menino Jesus (Inst. Social Resp. Sírio-Libanês) and to meet with 10 families supported by the programs to hear their stories.

The next morning began with a presentation at the 10th SOBRATAFE Congress with Brazilian plastic surgeons on the 'Role of philanthropy in the treatment of cleft lip and palate'. Then, he went out to meet Wesley, a patient who lives with his family in a suburb of São Paulo.

After visiting Bernardo's family and Catriona gave a mirror created by Rachel Peters in the Miss Universe 2018 contest.

The next day there was an exclusive benefit gala dinner for 5 major donors.

Watch a few moments here


Launch partnership with WHO Geneva  

In partnership with the Art Impact 4 Health initiative of the World Health Organization in Geneva, in association with Universal Health Coverage, Smile Train launched the activity book “9 Reasons to Smile”, during “Walk the Talk 2020”, within the #WhatIWillChange campaign, which took place exceptionally in virtual format directly from Geneva on May 16th and 17th.

The book contains playful and creative activities to support families with psychosocial activities, using art as a means of promoting mental health and increasing self-esteem, for their children especially during social isolation, as well as supporting community development efforts to achieve their goals. SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

So that this launch was designed for the Brazilian public in July 2020, we organized a live with health professionals such as psychologists and surgeons and some patients who had already had contact with the activities. Watch here how it was .

More videos can be accessed on the JPP Marca YouTube channel


Campaign #VaiBemCriarSorrisos

The campaign consisted of a partnership between R2 Produções, which with its music festival Te Vejo Na Praia designed an exclusive ice cream for the 2020 edition: Aloha Hawaii, deliciously produced by Vai Bem Gelados.

For each ice cream sold, part of the sale was destined for Smile Train. In a disruptive brand activation

Te Vejo Na Praia was converted into a “Hotel Edition”, during an event at a hotel, Aloha Hawaii was delivered to 240 guests on the balcony of the suites using rappelling. Among the welcome to sponsors was a flyer explaining the campaign and inviting them to get involved. On June 25, 2020 our Smile Makers Jorge & Matheus, a famous country duo, performed and the live show has already had 2.8 million views. Watch the broadcast here .

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